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About Us


Our Roots

Two years ago, in May of 2013 when we started to work on Hallowgram our vision was to build something beautiful for people to connect with family and freinds. We started with a simple objective, recreate the feeling of opening a paper greeting card and read a heartfelt message from loved one(s) or friend(s). Informed by the state of the mobile e-card space, the finished app is dedicated to offering users a personalized way to send greetings and invitations that say "Thinking of you" even better than a card.

User focussed

We wanted our users to share with their friends their best moments in any occasion using their creativity, thoughts and feelings, or to use Hallowgram to invite them to make new memories. We know that a good card can take time, so we wanted to let the user save their work and come back to the card later to finish their project. Users can view a list of RSVPs sent and responses received - a feature the team believes is missing in current greeting card mobile apps. We created the user interface in such way to directs user to select > create > send. The app's flow is organized around listing and selecting cards through pre-set categories to create a personal card or invitation. You can also create a card by snapping a photo or selfie, or a picture in their photo library, to make the card more personalized. Planning a party? Invite friends and families over for get-togethers with either formal or informal invitations. All Hallowgrams are saved on the cloud, so users can start a message long before a holiday or event and come back to it whenever they want.

Hallowgram's founders decided the app won't show any ads, banners or game promotions (even though Zilliar has released seven games for iOS and Android), and we won't charge for Hallowgram, either.

Respect for privacy

We respect your privacy, and so the only forms of verification are your phone number and device registration ids, and we put in checks and balances to make sure only one device is enabled at any one time and is tied to your mobile phone number. Extra field of identification is your e-mail, but this is optional and only useful if for any reason User discards their current mobile number. No other forms of identification are requested nor verified. In short Hallowgrams are portable from device to device as long as the original phone number used to register for Hallowgram service is still with the User. If number of Users start growing, we may require e-mail for registration purposes. Nothing of the User's information is shared with third-party, you can be rest assured of this fact.

Thank you

We're excited for you to try Hallowgram, and we're sure that you'll be joining countless more users as we come together, even when we're far away. Welcome to a different world, where you can say "I'm thinking of you" even better than a card. We created Hallowgram to give users that moment of surprise and delight.

We hope you enjoy Hallowgram! We're always working to improve the app and are already planning to add more core features to make our cards even better. Reach out with any suggestions at OR Send Feedback